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    As we continue to move forward and strive to offer you and your family the best of medical care, we are now offering TELEMEDICINE.  The COVID-19 crisis has hurried our introduction along a little faster than what we had initially anticipated, but the opportunity is now here for you going forward.
    All of our providers are able to do a telemedicine visit with you; these visits can be used for a variety of pediatric and adolescent conditions.  We will not be able to utilize it for sore throats or ear aches at this point in time. 
    You may request and schedule a telemedicine visit with one of our providers.  An invite via email will then be sent to you at the time of your appointment; log in to the site and the provider will see that you are in the “virtual waiting room”.  The name of the system that we are using is; you may go to the site ahead of time and register your family as “patients”.
    All insurance companies consider these virtual visits as true appointments – so they are billable just like an office visit. We will be billing your insurance company for these  visits.
    In addition, all insurance companies, upon the arrival of COVID-10, have begun to reimburse for phone calls as well.  Therefore, going forward, all phone calls where advice is given will be billed as well. If the phone call is related to a visit that occurred in the prior 7 days or if the phone call leads to an appointment, the phone call will not be billed.
    The same is true of portal messages.
    We hope that offering telemedicine visits will be a positive experience and benefit for you and your family. 
    Once again, thank you for your trust in us!
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