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                                              WHY WE SUPPORT STUDENTS WEARING MASKS IN SCHOOL
    • Masks have been used for decreasing the spread of infection for many, many years in the hospital and laboratory settings, the food preparation industry and other types of business.  Despite all the varying types of studies that have been produced in the past year that disagree on the topic of the importance of mask wearing, we have years worth of evidence that suggests  that masks do prevent the spread and acquisition of infection.
    • Masks have never been shown to cause any SIGNIFICANT side effects to the person who wears a mask.
    • We want our patients to be protected as much as is possible from the COVID    Delta infection.  By trying to keep students healthy keeps all of their families healthy and minimizes all the secondary effects – for example, the parent’s absence from work for prolonged periods due to quarantining or caring for their ill children.  Despite children not being affected by the COVID virus last year, the Delta variant that is now the prevalent form IS causing more actual illness in and hospitalizations of children and teenagers.  The Delta variant IS also much more easily spread.
    • Even though masks are not perfect they still stop the travel of some amount of germs and every little bit helps.  That is common sense.
    • We feel that if we do not recommend the wearing of masks, we are committing malpractice and not taking the health of our patients seriously.
    We, as medical professionals who care for children, sadly look upon the current mask wearing dilemma as having moved totally away from a common sense issue to a polarized political, freedom of choice agenda. During these trying and unusual times, everyone should be thinking and caring about each other – not just themselves or their own children. Wearing a mask is a very small inconvenience (and the majority of toddlers, children and adolescents are not revolting) for the benefit that it could provide to ALL of us –  a decrease in the spread of COVID and perhaps, the sparing of a life.
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