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  • 5/7/2020
    Please read our latest updates!
  • 5/7/2020
    To protect our families against COVID-19 exposure as well as  other illnesses, we now have families use their car as the waiting room.  Upon arrival to our parking lot, please call us at 618-474-1711 to let us know that you have arrived.  When your exam room is ready, your nurse will call and invite you in to our office where you will be taken directly to your room.
  • 4/24/2020
    We have been offering telemedicine visits during regualr office hours for the past month; we are now expanding that service to weeknights and weekends for problems that cannot wait until the next office day.
  • 4/5/2020
    Starting April 1st, 2020, we have a new way of connecting to our patients that is convenient for families and in the current climate of the coronavirus pandemic, safer!

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