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What it is not is an actual home.

Rather it is a “concept” that has been developed and is now a recognized program that is managed by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) which is an organization that is the leader in healthcare accreditation nationwide.

The Patient Centered Medical Home is a concept by which an office practice becomes the “medical” home for a family – in our case, your children. The “home” is where the family goes for all of their healthcare needs, both physical and mental, well or sick. The “home” is a place (AKA, the office staff), who knows the family very well and integrates all they know into the care that is provided.  Having a broad knowledge base of one's family can help immensely with making medical decisions. The “home” also has all of the important medical information of each “family” member which is always extremely important in making medical decisions; this information is available in the home 24/7.  And, finally, if the “home” cannot provide the care that a family member needs, the “home” will find the right place to send that member  for the proper help.  And the “home” will follow up and make sure that the family member received appropriate care and gather information from the specialist. that will allow the “home” to add that knowledge to the member's history.

The “medical” home follows national recognized guidelines (evidence based medicine) when providing care to all of its members. However, the “home” recognizes that each member is unique and that some adjustments are sometimes necessary to provide the best care to each individual.


A “medical” home strives to prevent redundant care or inappropriate care that otherwise sometimes happens at other facilities outside of the  patient's “home”. Reducing medical costs and most importantly provision of quality medical care is the main focus of a medical “home.”


Pediatric Healthcare Unlimited is  officially recognized as a “Patient Centered Medical Home.”  However, the medical home concept has always been our focus of providing care to our patients over the years. May we continue.

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